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The Best Keto Egg Recipes

This is where you'll find all the best low carb egg based recipes. We have everything from sweet treats and mug cakes to full egg based meals.

If you want an egg friendly meal you'll need another good side to go along with it. We have a variety of keto "bread" products like Naan, Bread Slices, and Tortillas. Get creative and make your perfect keto egg based meal!

These egg recipes are great for those who want a quick and flavorful meal. Eggs cook very fast so most recipes are done in under 20 minutes.  If you want some breakfast recipes that aren't just eggs and bacon then look at our keto breakfast recipes section.

Most Popular Keto Egg Based Recipes

Here are the most popular keto egg based recipes based on the ratings of KetoConnect readers like you.

  • Keto Egg Loaf - Keto egg loaf is a great recipe for those wanting a healthy and quick breakfast. Sear cooked egg loaf in some butter to make keto french toast!
  • Keto Pasta - Everyone loves pasta, but making it in a carb conscious way can be difficult. We've got you covered.
  • Keto Chaffles - For those who don't know, chaffles are a cheese and egg based waffle that makes the best zero carb breakfast sandwiches. The best part is that they're high protein and fat with virtually no carbs.
  • Keto Custard - Our most indulgent egg recipe. Try this thick and creamy custard as an after dinner snack.