Our Favorite Keto Products

Lots of people have asked us to compile a list of keto products, ingredients, services and resources that we consider essentials. Here they are! These keto products are not things you need to buy all at once in order to start. They are things we’ve accumulated over time and use all the time. All of these recommendations are based on our experiences cooking keto foods and living a keto lifestyle. Some of these are affiliate links, which means if you order through the link we will get a small percentage of your purchase amount at no additional cost to you. We love supporting good keto products and the companies that make them!

Recommended Products/Services

Ketogenic Diet Quickstart Course – It’s easy to recommend something that we created and put a lot of work into. This course is designed for people wanting to get started on a keto diet as fast as possible and want all of the essential info. You can watch the first video for free, and there’s a money back guarantee!
Platejoy – An online meal planning service that offers a ketogenic option. The meals are super tasty! Here is our Platjoy Review post.
Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer – We love this as a way to monitor ketones without having the recurring cost of blood ketone test strips or the wild inaccuracies of the urine strips.
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Essential Keto Kitchen Tools

Oster Blender + Food Processor – We’ve had this blender for over a year now and are extremely pleased with it. It has a powerful 1200 watt motor at a reasonable price. This is what you’re looking for if you want a really good blender but can’t afford the $300-$600 for a Vitamix. It also come’s with a food processor attachment which is extremely nice to have(I’m looking at you cauliflower rice).
Kitchen Scale – A kitchen scale is important for getting exact measurements for baking as well as for when you want to track your caloric intake. Get one!!
Chef’s Knife – We like to recommend cheap options whenever possible, as long as the quality is good. This 6 inch chef’s knife is the knife we find ourself using more than any other. We have more expensive knives and this is our favorite.
Cast Iron Cookware – We have a wide array of cast iron cookware in our house and we love it. Great for keto cooking because all that fat you’re cooking with builds up a nice seasoning and nonstick coating over time! The 3 starting items we’d recommend are a 10.25 inch skillet, a 3.5 inch mini skillet, and a dutch oven.
Nonstick Cookware – A nice nonstick pan is a must have. This one by T-fal is incredibly sturdy, we highly recommend it!
Silicone Baking Mat – Things don’t stick anymore! Worth every penny.
Set of Silicone Muffin Trays – This set is great! You get 3 different sizes, which come’s in handy for making muffins, egg cups, fat bombs etc.

Essential Keto Ingredients

Almond Flour – For most keto baked goods there is benefit to having a finely ground almond flour like this one.
Coconut Flour – The opposite end of the spectrum compared to almond flour. This is highly absorbent, cheap, and a bag will last you a long time.
Coconut Oil – This is something we use almost every day. Buy in bulk!
Erythritol – The artificial sweetener we use most often. 0 glycemic index and 0 calories. In conjunction with liquid stevia it’s the only 2 sweeteners you truly need for keto desserts.
Liquid Stevia – Extremely sweet, a little goes a long way. We add a few drops to a lot of our desserts to give them a subtle sweetness.
Sugar Free Flavored Syrups – These syrups are a good way to add flavor and sweetness to desserts. We often put them in our morning coffees as well.
Shirataki Noodles – We love these! You have to be sure to prepare them correctly, but they’re great for topping with a nice fatty sauce!
Isopure Zero Carb Whey Protein – This is the only kind of protein powder we use these days. The flavor is great and it’s 0 carbs! We love the cookies and cream.

Essential Keto Reading

The Case Against Sugar – Gary Taubes
Why We Get Fat – Gary Taubes
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living – Dr. Jeff Volek & Dr. Stephen Phinney
The Obesity Code – Dr. Jason Fung
Keto Clarity – Jimmy Moore & Eric Westman MD

Essential Keto Supplements

Lite Salt – This is a great way to conveniently add Potassium to your diet. Potassium often needs to be supplemented when following a keto diet.
Natural Calm Magnesium – Magnesium is another electrolyte that is often necessary to supplement when following a keto diet. We like taking this before bed as it has a calming effect.
Fish Oil – Fish oil is good to supplement as it has a host of proven benefits.
A list of keto products that we use and love.