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You made it. You made it through all of the low-fat granola, and light salad dressings. You're done questioning whole grain cereals and energy bars because you know the answer. It's time to change your life with the ketogenic diet and you're in the right place. 

KetoConnect provides a global hub for people looking to transform their lives using the ketogenic lifestyle. We are committed to publishing helpful resources, developing delicious recipes, and offering friendly advice to people striving to live healthier, happier lives. Matt and Megha founded KetoConnect in 2016 after they realized their results from the keto diet were too good not to share. Their fun personalities and laid-back lifestyle make learning about nutrition enjoyable for everyone. 

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Although Megha just graduated from the University of San Francisco, School of Law, based on her cooking you would think she graduated from culinary school. She loves to challenge herself on a daily basis and pulls inspiration from family and friends. She spent the past three years in San Francisco getting acquainted with west coast people, but more importantly, west coast food. She moved back to Philadelphia to pursue law, however, she was fortunately taken off course by Ketoconnect. She recently moved to Atlanta and has found a new love for southern culture!



Over the past two years, Matt has discovered his life's purpose. He is deeply passionate about cooking, nutrition, self-experimentation and most of all, sharing his findings in compelling ways through photo and video. Originally from Dearborn Michigan, he spent the last four years in Columbus Ohio, San Francisco California, and Philadelphia, the birthplace of KetoConnect...and freedom. He has recently moved to Atlanta, is a die hard fan of Michigan Football, perfectly ripe avocados, and hip hop music.



Julius is the newest addition to our family and he's definitely a handful. He makes up for all the trouble he causes by being cute and tilting his head to the side. He helps us out by taste testing some of our recipes. He's liked them all so far!



Miley, also known as 'Keto Kitty' plays a pivotal role as KetoConnect's customer service rep. When she's not napping or loudly interrupting our videos she makes sure everything is running purrrfectly! We are proud to say that not only has she been a big influence on KetoConnect, but has paved the way for many other kitties as a 2017 PAWS calendar cat!

The KetoConnect Team

Cass - Digital Brand Manager

Cass grew up on the Canadian prairies, surrounded by nice people and hard workers. She dabbles in photography, videography, writing, and music and is always looking for her next creative outlet. She has been following the Keto diet since 2016 to successfully treat depression, hormonal imbalances, IBS, and acne and is now an advocate for the lifestyle. You can find the Creative Communications graduate at home reading a best-seller, writing a letter to her grandma, or strolling through a thrift store. 

Lauren - Community Manager

Hailing from Atlanta, Lauren developed a love for the Arts & Theatre at a young age. This passion led to her working on numerous projects and has left her with over two decades of experience in stage and film ranging from costume and set design to producing and directing with several on stage/film credits as well. Lauren has also been a leader in other communities related to geek conventions, music festivals, and numerous charities. Keto has helped Lauren immeasurably, both mentally and physically, and she hopes to help others in the community meet their goals as well!  You can follow her continued keto weight loss @losing.with.lauren

Disclosure: We are not nutritionists or doctors. The information provided on our website and youtube channel is based on our personal experiences with a ketogenic diet. Before starting any new diet you should consult with a physician.