Keto Chocolate Bar | 2 net carbs!

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We've tried all the low carb chocolates on the market, but nothing compares to this Keto Chocolate Bar. It takes no more than five ingredients, no baking is required and the that macro ratio is on point! Once you make this and realize how easy it is to do it yourself at home, you'll stop over paying for other chocolates and make this on repeat! It's great for times you need to indulge and will last months on end in the fridge. Make it now, and enjoy!

We Know You Love Easy Keto Desserts

And, you know we do too! It honestly doesn't get much easier than this recipe right here. With only 5 necessary ingredients and no baking involved you'll be making these keto chocolate bars multiple times a week. Having a fancy mold like we do in the recipe video isn't even needed, unless you're going to impress! You can use at molds you have lying around or even a loaf pan. Cut it up into preferred serving sizes or eat the whole thing without any guilt because it's keto friendly and worth every bite!

 This is the easiest and lowest carb keto chocolate bar you're ever going to find!

The Best Low Carb Snacks!

Chocolate definitely counts as a snack, especially when the entire bar is 2 net carbs. You can eat, keep eating and feel no guilt in over indulging. Plus, you made it at home and you know exactly what went into it! If you're more a savory snacker like myself, than we've also got some thins for you. My personal favorites are our low carb cheese crackers and easy pizza dip, perfect for serving with store bought or homemade flackers! Matt also takes his snacking seriously and will destroy a jar of homemade almond butter and low carb beef jerky before I even get to dig in! Whether you like to snack big or small, sweet or savory, we've got you covered!

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The Best Keto Chocolate Bar

By now you probably have figured what makes this the best keto chocolate bar, but just as a recap, no baking is required, you only need five ingredients, it's cheaper than store bought and the macros are the best you'll find! If you want to go for that professional chocolate bar look, be sure to pick up one of these Chocolate Bar Molds. You can also put a twist on this easy recipe and add in some nuts or berries. We like our chocolate simple, but we're not judging you for going wild with additions. Ultimately, macros and ease of making aside, this keto chocoalte bar has to taste not good, but great, and we assure you it tastes even better than great!

This is the easiest and lowest carb keto chocolate bar you're ever going to find!

Nutrition per serving (half the bar)

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Keto Chocolate Bar

Course: Dessert
Keyword: keto chocolate bar
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours 5 minutes
Servings: 1 Bar (2 servings)
Calories: 330kcal
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  • Finely chop up the bakers chocolate and cacao butter and set aside.
  • Combine the coconut oil, liquid stevia and erythritol, vanilla extract and salt in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 45 seconds.
  • Add the chopped up chocolate to the hot oil mixture and stir using a spoon until all the chocolate has melted, about 30-60 seconds. You may have to microwave it again for 15-20 seconds to melt the cacao butter down.
  • Once combined pour the mixture into your candy bar mold or fat bomb molds (whatever you have at home will work too), and allow to set in the fridge for at least three hours.
  • Enjoy!


Net Carbs: 1g


Calories: 330kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 34g | Fiber: 3g

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