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We went back through our Amazon history and compiled the ultimate Keto Shopping List that covers our most commonly purchased and used ingredients over the past year! We frequently get asked what are some must haves in our cupboard and fridge for a ketogenic diet, so we figured we could best answer this through showing your in our YouTube video below and compiling the list on our food blog for you to reference whenever you are about to check out on Amazon and are unsure if you added everything to your cart! 

What Low Carb Products DO We Always Buy?

1. Supplements

  • MCT Oil: We like to make sure our MCT Oil has an open formula (not proprietary blend) so that we know how much of C8 and C10 we are getting in each bottle. 
  • Zip Fizz: This is great pre-workout and intra-workout supplement with 950mg per bottle and 200mg of caffeine. Our favorite flavor is blue raspberry.
  • Magnesium: We like to have this supplement on hand and we take it occasionally before bed for a better night of sleep.
  • L-Theanine: This is a supplement we take daily with our morning coffee. It synergizes with caffeine to help you focus and be more productive. 
  • Leucine: This is the most important amino acid in helping you build muscle. It tastes really bad, but taking it on it's own before or after a workout can ensure you are getting the right nutrients to trigger protein synthesis.
  • Isopure Protein: We always have a tub of cookies and cream, our favorite flavor, on hand to add to recipes, fat bombs and smoothies and we love it because it has 0 carbs!
  • Muscle Fest Protein: This is a great whey protein option that is cheaper in cost, but still tastes great.
  • Vegan Protein: We've experimented with many different protein powders and found this protein powder to be the best vegan option for people who can't tolerate dairy!
  • Collagen Peptides: Not a must have, but great to add to coffee or smoothies when looking for some volume and flavor. If you are more like Megha and like to add chocolate to everything, try the Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen!
  • Cod Liver Oil: Something new we started incorporating into our diet now that we are doing more a meat based diet. Not mandatory, but we like to drink 1 tsp a day!

‚Äč2. Baking Ingredients

  • Coconut Flour: This is our favorite substitute flour to use due to it's high absorbency. The more absorbent the flour the less of it you need! This is a great option for those allergic to almond flour.
  • Almond Flour: Our second favorite substitute flour to use and it makes the perfectly soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie! The cheapest we've found is in Costco.
  • Oat Fiber: oat fiber has a great oat taste without all the carbs. It is a great option for baking for those allergic to all nuts (coconut included). 
  • Psyllium Husk Powder: Psyllium is the reason low carb bread is possible - we've used this to make naan, pizza dough, and low carb dinner rolls!
  • Flax Meal: This is a great option for upping fiber in baked goods.
  • Golden Flax Meal: This is our preferred flax meal to use because it's has a lighter, toastier taste!

3. Low Carb Sweeteners

  • Liquid Stevia: We use this daily in our coffee and also use it in a lot of baked goods and nightly mug cakes! The 8 oz bottle will last you over a year.
  • Erythritol: We always buy granular erythritol because it is cheaper and can easily be pulsed into a confectioner using a coffee or spice grinder.

4. Low Carb Chocolates

  • Cocoa Powder: We always have this in our house and we use it so much (smoothies, desserts, mug cakes, hot chocolate) that we buy it in bulk on Amazon. However, this can easily be found in the baking section of your grocery store.
  • Lily's Chocolate Chips: We don't always have these on hand, but they are good for all your chocolate dessert recipes and sweetened with stevia. You can also easily find these in your nearest Whole Foods.
  • Cacao Nibs: We love these little bites for upping our fat and adding some crunch to desserts and smoothies. They are also great to eat plain as a snack.
  • Cacao Butter: We like to use this in our hot chocolate, fat bombs and in baking. It adds a subtle sweetness and ups the fat!

5. Other

  • Pink Himalayan Salt: We add salt to everything, including our pre-workout drinks! We have a salt video you can check out.
  • Red Hawaiian Salt: We recently started buying this and it our newest obsession. The granules are coarse and its the perfect topping for your fat bombs!
  • Black Malabar Peppercorns: We like to buy our black pepper in bulk and grind it fresh to order! It's cheaper and fresher that way.
Every item on our amazon keto shopping list!

Megha Barot

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