Almond Joy Recipe | Fat Bombs!

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When you're craving something sweet, but don't want to fudge up on your perfect macros for the day, we like to turn to this Almond Joy Recipe! These little fat bombs store great in the fridge and have fat bomb macros so there is 0% guilt involved. If you love coconut, chocolate, almonds and making easy recipes watch Matthew walk you through this fat bomb recipe below!

Almond Joy Recipe
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No Bake Almond Joy Fat Bombs!

The best part about this recipe is there is no baking involved! All you have to do is allow the mixture and chocolate to set before digging in. Nothing needs to preheat, bake, or cool. No bake anything always entices me to make it right away. These are a great option to turn to in times of needing to up your fat without sabotaging your protein or carbs levels, wanting something small, but sweet enough to satisfy your cravings or even something fun to make with your kids! We've given you a great fat bomb base where you can change up flavors or add extras, like chocolate chips for extra flavor and fun!

Easy Coconut Candy

Personally, the only candy I ever want to eat out of assorted boxes of chocolates are the coconut ones. I want a box of coconut candy chocolates at all times! It's all about the texture for me, and the almond joy recipe we've made has that same chewy texture with a slight bite from the hardened chocolate and the almond joy on top! You also get to taste the individual flakes of coconut which is important in any good coconut candy!

Almond Joy Recipe For Fat Bombs!

With Almond Joy and Mounds being two of my favorite candies, I must say this is my favorite fat bomb recipe to date. All I do differently is leave off the almond since I am allergic, and I would personally even opt for vanilla extract over almond extract. All that being said, these chewy, chocolate, perfect macro fat bombs have won me over! You can also give our Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coconut Fat Bombs a try. However, before all else I would recommend making this almond joy recipe! 

This Almond Joy Recipe tastes like the candy from your childhood with the macros of a fat bomb!

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Almond Joy Fat Bombs