Keto Bobby’s Burger Palace Review

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Bobby Flay

When we hear the name Bobby Flay we’re all in for whatever it is. New show? We’re watching it! New line of cooking utensils? We’re buying them! And, owner of a restaurant, particularly a burger joint? You know KetoConnect is eating there! Why? Because it’s Keto Bobby’s Burger Palace!

We drove twenty minutes through traffic (of course Matt made note of it) and found ourselves in a 70’s looking, neon green, empty restaurant. Granted it was the middle of the day, but once you walk in you get the feeling it’s a similar crowd on weekend nights too. Fine, to give him some credit there was one couple, and three singles eating their food when we arrived.

Bobby’s Burger Palace Experience

As soon as we walked in with our camera the cashier told us we aren’t allowed to record. Well, I guess that ruins our plans of eating in and recording the meal! We placed our orders, waited about 12 minutes and then found a park bench outside nearby to enjoy our meal. The overall experience of being inside the restaurant, including the staff interactions, general vibe from the hung pictures, neon green walls and from what we could see the burgers were served in (plastic baskets) it was sub-par. Needless to say, we aren’t going back.

The HUGE list of keto friendly foods.

Keto Bobby’s Burger Palace: The Burgers

So we got the “LA” burger topless, which consisted of avocado relish, cheddar cheese, watercress and tomato. It came out to about 540 calories, 42g fat, 9g carbs, 4g fiber and 31g protein, for a total of 5 net carbs.
keto bobbys burger palace meal2

We also got the “Bobby Blue” topless, which consisted of blue cheese (naturally), bacon, lettuce, and tomato. It came out to about 730 calories, 56g fat, 7g carbs, 4g fiber and 46g protein, for a total of 3 net carbs.

keto bobbys burger palace meal1

So, overall the macros are pretty great, but the burgers themselves were lacking. The patties were small, and the toppings were sparing which speaks to why the macros were good. We also got them over a bed of lettuce which is a great option, but not worth the trip. With a total that came out to about $21.00 we agreed that we’re better off making our burgers at home.

All Keto Options At Bobby’s Burgers

When it comes to the sides they’ve kept it pretty traditional with french fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings that can be layered in cheese in beef so you definitely want to stay away from those. However, when it comes to their burgers you can have free reign on any patty given their ‘topless’ option! You can also opt for a Bobby Burgers salad. Below is a list of keto-friendly foods at Bobby’s Burger Palace and their corresponding net carb count:
Burgers (topless):

  • Bobby Blue (beef, chicken or turkey): 3
  • Brunch (beef, chicken turkey): 2
  • Carolina (beef, chicken turkey): 2
  • Crunch (beef, chicken turkey): 7
  • Dallas (beef, chicken turkey): 2
  • LA (beef, chicken turkey): 5
  • Miami (beef, chicken turkey): 1
  • New Mexico (beef, chicken turkey): 3
  • Palace Classic (beef, chicken turkey): 4
  •  Philadelphia (beef, chicken turkey): 6


  • Salad with beef patty: 0
  • Salad with chicken patty: 0
  • Salad with turkey patty: 0


  • BBQ: 1
  • Chipotle Ketchup: 0
  • French Fry: 0
  • Honey Mustard with Horse Radish: 2
  • Mustard BBQ sauce: 2

You can find the full burger menu here.

Megha Barot

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